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Capitol-Senate end-wiki We have often seen Tweets and comments following articles like, “I wish they’d give us a convenient way to write our Congress people in Washington DC.”

Well there are actually several good websites that make it easy to identify them, if you don’t know their names, and then how to contact them.

WHITE-HOUSE- cropped

Two good sources are  and And yes there is a also. Remember whoever ‘rules’ that Branch or House usually sets the tone for that site, but they are inclusive.

If your interest is more about advocacy and tips how to contact your elected officials for an issue, including alternate methods like Facebook, Twitter, email and snail mail, there are other available sites for that as well.

One of the easiest ways we use for both House and Senate contacts is the website. They are also the legal representatives for one of three hostages: Pastor Saeed Abedini. Follow their link below or go to their Home page and look for the “Get Involved” tab. Click on it, scroll down if you need to, and you will see a map of the United States.

ACLJ contact your elected official map screengrabFrom there you can either enter your zip code and it will flash the results before your eyes, or just click on your State map and the results will be there too. (Perhaps a bit more challenging for RI and DE!)

If you live in a large state having two or more Members of the House of Representatives, you may still want to use the zip code finder to make sure you contact the correct ‘Congressman.’  By the way … both men and women often use this title. But if you notice that a female ‘Congressman’ prefers ‘woman,’ use that when contacting her.

Remember, you only have one Representative in the House, but everyone has two Senators. When a subject is important to you, contact all three. But if the matter of your interest is before the House or Senate only, you should limit your contact to the appropriate elected officials only.

You may decide to contact additional officials, other than your own reps, because you agree or disagree with them – or because he or she is on a committee that is important to your cause.

You may be thinking, aw’ my Rep or Senator will never read my message.  Well, they might! And good officials always like to know what their constituents are thinking. What they care about. And their staffs will log in your pro or con ‘votes’ for every phone call, email and tweet they receive.

We hope this has been helpful. Now, get going! Let Washington know what’s on your mind in zip code 77292 or wherever!

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Show your support for all 3 Americans held hostage in Iran today. One or two free w/S.A.S.E.* Email: Daniel at FreeAllThree dot Com for details. Larger quantities available upon request. Stickers measures 3×10.  *Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope.

From January 1-July 4, 2014 there are 184 days (6 months and 4 days). Iran has been given 6 months (180 days) to show good faith regarding their nuclear programs. America must insist that no more billions of US dollars, gold or other resources will be unfrozen and transferred to Iran as a result of further sanctions loosening. Nor should oil exports flow freely to other nations, including Russia that has negotiated a side deal worth $1.5 billion per month known as ‘oil for goods.’ In this barter system Russia would continue building Iran’s nuclear facilities in exchange for oil that may be used or sold on the open market. Finally, the main intention of the current nuclear talks, the cessation of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, must be proved and continually verified.



One thought on “Contact Congress

  1. Take Me Instead! Tell Iran I will take Pastor Saeed’s place! All I need is a plane ticket, and assurance of his release to the U.S. Tell the Congress, tell the president, tell John Kerry, tell the State Dept, tell the U.N., tell Iran! If he, or another hostage dies in the Iranian prison, their blood will be on us! I’ve tried to contact many senators, and the president. Everyone agrees it is sad, but no one is doing anything!!! I don’t know what else to do!!!


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