Grandpa Bob

This touching story was written by Stephanie, one of Bob and Christine Levinson’s daughters. It is about Bob’s first grandson, Ryan. If you read it to the end, I promise you will be blessed. Thank you. (Daniel @ freeallthree .com)

I am in my head.

Ever since Ryan began to openly communicate with his letter board, I have asked him if he has wanted to write anything about Grandpa Bob.  Each time he would spell something like DEARLY TOO HARD TO TALK ABOUT or TOO SAD TO TALK ABOUT IT.  For the past few weeks, about 3 times a week, without any kind of provocation, Ryan would just start crying.  Sometimes it was a few times a day, sometimes it was just once.  The reason was always the same:  SO SAD ABOUT GRANDPA BOB.

We haven’t spoken about Grandpa Bob on this blog until today.  To the readers who are not aware, Grandpa Bob is Robert Levinson, the longest held hostage in American History.  This past weekend, 5 Americans who were held prisoner in Iran were released.  Grandpa Bob was not one of them.  This was devastating to our family, including Ryan.


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