STAY OUT OF IRAN! Getting In May Not Be A Problem, But Leaving Is!

PLEASE STAY OUT OF IRAN!! Why is the U.S. State Department being so timid when it comes to Iran and Americans’ safety? If they will not warn you, I will! You may have little or no difficulty entering Iran, but LEAVING is the problem!

Iran, fresh off of a political, diplomatic and economic victory as a result of the recent nuclear agreement with world powers, is hustling for visitors to bring in outside cash currencies to their struggling economy. The $150 billion I.O.U. from the U.S. has not been paid yet.

Tourism by all westerners, but especially Americans including dual U.S.-Iranian citizens, are at more risk more than any other country, with the exception of Israel. Why risk weeks, months and even years of suffering for yourself and your family at the hands of the Iranian government?

The U.S. has not had diplomatic relations with Iran since 1979. The former U.S. Embassy was ransacked by ‘students’ with 52 hostages captured and held for 444 days. The building, which legally is U.S. property, is now Iran’s Museum of the Revolution! So the U.S. State Dept. has a built-in excuse for their inactivity on behalf of today’s American hostages and families! They will not help you. And certainly President Obama cannot help you!

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Siamak Namazi iranian-american prisoner 0

Siamak Namazi is an American-born businessman and is considered a dual-citizen by Iran; held at Evin prison since mid-October 2015.

Just ask ‪#‎RobertLevinson‬ held over 8-1/2 years, ‪#‎AmirHekmati‬ held over 4 years, ‪#‎PastorSaeedAbedini‬ held more than 3 years, ‪#‎JasonRezaian‬ more than 1 year, and since mid-October ‪#‎SiamakNamazi‬ an American-born businessman. The U.S. consistently said for 2 years while sitting across the table from Iranian ambassadors that they could not bring up hostage issues during the nuclear talks. We are to accept their claim that they did so on the ‘sidelines.’ Does that sound like the “top priority” the President said to one family?

These 5 American visitors to Iran are languishing today in Iran. There is an unconfirmed report of a SIXTH hostage, a Lebanese-American! It has been widely reported that the anti-American sentiment in Iran has actually INCREASED since July when the ‘historic’ nuclear deal was finalized.

YOU may know you aren’t a spy, but you could be arrested simply for taking a photo of something Iran considers sensitive; such as the front entry gate of Evin prison where most Americans are held. Or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard may pick you up off the street on ‘suspicions,’ interrogate you and hold you for no reason at all!

You may have no difficulty entering Iran – leaving is the problem!


“Iran Expecting Tsunami of Tourism!”  [REALLY?!] Read more:



The Obama Administration policy of near indifference to the plight of American Hostages’ held in Iran will not be a winning strategy to bring them home. These men have been wrongly held now in brutal conditions far too long. GITMO prisoners of today have it far better! This injustice is an insult to all Americans, but especially the 5 men and their families who suffer the most. This will not be resolved unless President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry speak out forcefully, demanding the immediate release of these 5 men. Without a more serious and dedicated approach, they will continue to languish in Iranian prisons!

We are pleased to see significantly increased attention that the American hostages in Iran have received from the American public, including on social media, TV, radio and print news as well as from elected officials in Washington, DC.  This surge must be sustained until all of the American hostages are released and returned to their families.

Please continue to support these men – stay informed – get involved! Each man has a unique ‘story’ posted elsewhere on this website with many facts about them and links to their families’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. The first 4 men Iran took hostage are at risk of declining health and cannot, should not, be held another month, much less another year in Iran! adds its voice to encourage Americans to call, write, text, email, tweet or visit their Congressman and Senators to: Demand that the Obama Administration take immediate steps to ‘Free All 5 Americans’ who are held hostage in Iran today!

If you don’t  know your Congressional representatives’ names and contact info:  an easy-to-use ‘interactive map’ is on the website. Or follow this link for How to Get Involved with ideas you can use:

Thanks for your concern for the 5 American hostages in Iran and their families. Articles on U.S. and Iranian relations and related Middle-East news are also posted on this website on a regular basis.


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  1. Human Rights which means release all the prisoners for your prisoners like the old days, since it is Ancient Laws. this is 2015. it can be done. I know it my idea for the day of World Peace.


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