Iran denies UN inspectors access to suspected nuclear facility – thousands in Tehran protesting nuclear deal


Iran-Nuclear-Parchin 2004 photo

Iran’s atomic energy chief says operations at the Arak heavy water reactor to continue.

BY AP and Times of Israel Staff, first published online May 3, 2014.

Iran’s atomic energy organization on Saturday said it was denying international inspectors access to the suspected nuclear facility at Parchin, stating the IAEA was not entitled to visit the military complex outside the Iranian capital of Iran.

“Legally, they are not entitled to visit Parchin since we have not accepted and are not exercising the Additional Protocol (to the NPT),” the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran’s Spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi was quoted by the semi-official Fars news agency saying.

The Parchin military site has been a sticking point in long-running discussions between Iran and the IAEA; the agency suspects explosive tests took place that are “strong indicators of possible nuclear weapon development.”

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