PUTIN SEIZES CRIMEA. We are watching a Czar rise. Russian Senate authorizes Putin to use force in Ukraine. Russian troops on the move. Debate warns of “apocalyptic consequences.” Biggest test for Obama presidency.

If you care about Middle East developments, watch the strongman Putin and learn.

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putin UPDATED: ( Washington, D.C.) — The invasion of Ukraine began today.
  • Putin has seized Crimea.
  • Putin formally asked Russian parliament for authorization to use force in Ukraine. 
  • Received unanimous consent from Russian Senate. 
  • Debate warned of “apocalyptic consequences” if Kremlin doesn’t move.
  • Russian troops on the move — 6,000 troops have occupied Crimea.
  • More than 150,000 Russian troops have been mobilized and are awaiting Putin’s command.
  • Kremlin ignoring President Obama’s warning about “costs” of Kremlin intervention.
  • How far will Putin go?
  • Meanwhile, Netanyahu heads to U.S. on Sunday.
  • Expects showdown with Obama over Iran, peace process.
  • Film about the “Son of God” debuts.
  • Stirring fierce reactions for and against, even among Christians.

March comes in like a lion.

  • How will President Obama respond to Putin aggression?
  • This crisis — head to head with Putin — is the biggest test of the Obama presidency.
  • This is bigger than the crises with Libya, Egypt…

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