Video depicts Iran-U.S. relations, past 35 yrs., in 120 seconds!

Many Americans struggle with history. I love it. Since I haven’t been in school for many years, I’m not sure what they teach anymore. But I do occasionally see Jimmy Kimmel show’s “Lie Witness News” where people on the streets of L.A. respond to a certain question of the day. Like on Presidents Day, the JK crew asked how people felt about FDR’s passing earlier in the day. Many expressed their condolences very seriously, even to Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt! On Bill O’Reilly’s “Water’s World” segment, regular folks, often university graduates, even teachers, are usually clueless about current events, the constitution, or new laws – like that under-reported new health care law. Many said they had not heard of it or don’t know how to get it!

I realize everybody’s busy; so here in just two minutes is almost everything one needs to know about America’s sour historical relationship with Iran. Please share with your friends:

OK, here’s a quiz. It’s kind of a trick question, because it wasn’t covered in the video!

Everyone knows that the Islamic Revolution was started on February 1, 1980, 35 years ago this month, when the Ayatollah (Ruhollah) Khomeini returned from exile in France.  Here is the Supreme Leader sitting in a park, or his backyard, with some of his followers:

Rouhani 2nd from left 2nd row w ayatollah circa 1978 in FranceQuestion: Do you know who the man in the second row is … second from left, behind the Ayatollah?

You probably know his name, or part of it.

Hint: last summer he was elected as the new President of Iran.

Yes! That man in the white attire is the smiling new President of Iran, Dr. Hassan Rouhani.

It’s good for us to know that the current President of Iran is totally in-step with the Supreme Leader to carry out his wishes.

Note: The last Iranian President was also. He just didn’t smile as much!

For some reason Americans feel assured by a smiling leader.