Iran: Free All Three Now! (originally published 12/10/13)

America Held Hostage – Again!

American Hostage, 1979We entered Iran legally. We committed no crimes. At first no one knew where we were being held. We are in extremely dangerous conditions that threaten life itself. We have no contact with other Americans. No Red Cross visits! No U.S.A. diplomatic assistance, mainly because Iran and the U.S. have not been on speaking terms since 1979 … BUT THIS ALL CHANGED A FEW MONTHS AGO!

Iran and U.S. sat down at the negotiation table in November 2013.  That continues through today and gives us hope!

We have lost considerable weight. We are sick and medical care is negligible. We sit on steel, concrete, dirt or worse all day long! All three of us have been held longer now in Iran than the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages 35 years ago; it was 444 days for them.

All three of us are U.S. Citizens: fathers, husbands, sons, brothers and even a Grandpa! We are held in three different locations, but Iran’s leaders know where we are.

Please advocate to ‘free all three’ of us! Call or write your U.S. Congressman and Senators. Tell President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to take all available actions now!

Please help today … our lives are in peril! We aren’t asking for money, just your time to contact your Washington representatives.

Thanks and God bless you!


s n 1 iran hostages photo Amir Hekmati – Saeed Abedini – Robert Levinson (l to r)

Contact the President, your Congressman and both Senators. Tell them to take action now to Free all Three!

Bumper sticker free all 3

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