Why Iran Goads the Gullible West!

Western, English-speaking, Judeo-Christian minds negotiating with Eastern, Arabic-Farsi speaking, Muslim minds! Americans, especially, are rookies at this ‘game.’

Post by Melanie Phillips, Jan 15, 2014, MelaniesBlog

Mohammad Javad Zarif“One of the more notable characteristics of what we must surely call the world jihadi community is how proud – indeed, positively boastful – they are about their murderous intent. That’s presumably because they really do believe they are fulfilling a sacred mission. From Gaza to Mogadishu, from Ramallah to Tehran, those bent on holy war repeatedly announce their support for and encouragement of the defeat of the west, the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

Much, but by no means all, of this incendiary rhetoric is delivered in Arabic. Statements in English often comprise the emollient phrases of compromise and moderation which are a mandatory precondition of jihadi participation in talks with the west, and which accordingly are carefully crafted to exploit the fathomless gullibility of the cultural-suicide crowd.

We have heard this double-speak all the time from the terrorist godfathers of the ‘moderate’ PLO; we have heard it in spades from Iran’s President Rouhani and his foreign minister and chief negotiator at Geneva Mohammad Javad Zarif, whose own personal charm caused politicians and journalists alike to swoon.

The hallucinatory nature of the warmongers’ double-speak is matched in degree by the west’s double-think. Not only do its politicians and media take the jihadis’ charm offensive at face value but, more egregiously, they totally ignore the open expressions of incitement or aggression by such people even when they are spoken in plain English.

Examples of this by the Palestinian Authority abound, including the refusal to accept Israel as a Jewish state; the intention of ethnically cleansing a future Palestine state of Jews; the true purpose of such a state as a staging post to the ultimate elimination of Israel; the invention of an artificial Palestinian national identity in order to eliminate Israel; and so on.

None of these statements, whether spoken in English or Arabic – and not to mention the actual incitement to murder and terrorist outrages committed under the aegis of the PA or Fatah – causes the US, Britain or the EU to miss a beat in continuing to treat the PA and Fatah as ‘moderates’, and the Israelis as the true impediments to a peaceful solution.

IRAN Arak_Heavy_Water4And now this same western cartel of cant is plugging its ears to the most brazen and defiant display of aggression from Iran. As the terms of last November’s disastrous deal at Geneva start to be implemented, Rouhani has boasted that the deal means:

‘the surrender of big powers before the great nation of Iran.’

This is no mere bombast aimed at bringing on board Iran’s hardliners (who in any event seem to be rather pleased with the deal): it happens to be the demonstrable truth. The Geneva deal is allowing Iran’s rogue regime to continue to enrich uranium (and thus proceed to nuclear breakout capability) while enjoying a relaxation of sanctions.

And who should now come along to rub western noses in this even further, but Iran’s Foreign Minister Swoonerama himself. The soft-talking, moderate and charming Zarif has ostentatiously laid a wreath at the grave of Imad Mugniyeh, the fiendishly effective Hezbollah military commander who was responsible for the murders of countless Americans and other westerners at the behest of the Iranian regime – and to whom Iran has previously denied it ever had such ties.

Such gestures should obviously give pause for the most sober thought. It’s not simply what they tell us about Iran’s real intentions. It is the very deliberate and public way in which, as the west genuflects before it, Iran is choosing to tweak its nose. The regime seems to be going out of its way to announce that, whatever fairy tales the west may have told itself about that Geneva deal, as far as Iran is concerned its goal of mass murder and western conquest is now even more firmly on course.

And the intended audience for these boasts is unlikely to be the pathetic quislings of the west. Iran is much more likely to be sending a message to its infernal allies such as North Korea, as well as its terrorist cells and foot-soldiers placed strategically around the world.

That message is ‘game on’. This should chill us all. The west is now in far greater peril than ever before. And it is Barack Obama, David Cameron and Catherine Ashton who are to blame.”

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