November ’13 historic 6-mo. deal w/ Iran hasn’t started yet; might by end of January

Geneva talks nov 22 13 us state photoTechnical negotiations and squabbling over details contained in the November 24 interim agreement have gone on for nearly two months. They  say ‘we are getting closer’ and the 6-month ‘clock’ may begin on January 20.  If it does, that would make the ‘Final Agreement’ due on July 20, and possibly earlier. (U.S. State photo) has seen scattered reports that Iran may try to hasten the timetable clock so they will be in a position to benefit sooner from eased sanctions and the $billions that will be available to them.

I am not an Iran expert, but I do look at all Iran-U.S. related news from the perspective of: ‘how does this affect the three American hostages?’

Supporters of all three wrongly held men should be on the alert: the U.S. negotiators, in concert with the EU and Iran, plus Russia and China, may rush the signing of a Final Agreement sooner, rather than later. This would be a trick to prevent ‘outsiders’ to the negotiations (among them the U.S. House and Senate, the American people, lobbyists pro and con, and lastly the families and supporters of the three hostages!) to raise so much heck that the deal gets derailed. This scenario assumes that the U.S. treasury coffers that have so successfully frozen Iranian assets will be thawed out considerably.

The opposite scenario is that if Iran believes it is getting a bad deal, or sees the future of its nuclear weapons program in peril, it will drag out and delay by any means possible. Meanwhile the centrifuges will keep spinning. And if the talks implode, they are none the worse off.

They have already managed to stretch the interim 6-month deal to 8-months!  But Kerry says “we are not stupid” and “we are clear-eyed” about this. I pray so, but I’m waiting for evidence.


Here is the report from “The Times of Israel:”

By Rebecca Shimoni Stoil, January 9, 2014

“WASHINGTON — As talks on Iran’s nuclear program resume  Thursday, the top US negotiator with Iran will participate in a trilateral  meeting with her Iranian and EU counterparts.

Both Western and Iranian diplomats have suggested that  the implementation of the interim agreement outlined in the Joint Plan of  Action, or JPA, could be initiated as early as January 20, but a few major  stumbling blocks still lie in the way of a workable interim deal.

Thursday’s summit marks the first meeting of the  political-level negotiators in the new year, although technical negotiators have  already resumed talks after a holiday break. Both Iranian and Western officials  have confirmed that the sides have set January 20 as a start date for the  interim agreement.

iranian-deputy-fm-and nuke negotiator Abbas AraqchiEarlier this week, Araqchi said that if the upcoming  talks resolve the existing differences, the start date for the six-month-period  outlined in the agreement ‘can be determined.’ [Emphases and photo added]

Sherman’s participation was first revealed by Iran’s  PressTV, when it reported that Araqchi said that the three may meet in  trilateral talks in Geneva.

The State Department on Wednesday issued a statement  confirming that “Under Secretary Sherman will hold meetings with [Schmid] and  with [Araghchi] to discuss the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action agreed  to by the P5+1 and Iran.”

The talks are scheduled to be a one-day affair, as  Sherman is expected to be in Moscow Friday to discuss Syrian peace talks with  her Russian counterparts.”

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