American in Cuban Prison Appeals to Obama for Help – Similarities to plight of 3 held in Iran

Alan gross wife appeals for release from cuba12/3/2013  IsraelNationalNews (Arutz)

by Tova Dvorin

Alan Gross’ wife Judy at a protest for his release (Photo: Reuters)

On the fourth anniversary of his imprisonment, American-Jewish contractor Alan Gross, 64, feels that his country has “abandoned” him, and has made a personal appeal to President Barack Obama for his release from the Cuban penal system.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Gross drafted a letter from his Cuban prison cell, and sent it via the US Embassy in Cuba. The conditions he describes are horrific.

[In his letter, Mr. Gross referred to others falsely imprisoned abroad:]

Earlier this year, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stated that the government was working to free Gross, but he ultimately rejected a deal offered by the Cuban government offering Gross’s release in exchange for 5 Cuban nationals detained for spying on the U.S.

As such, Gross made a direct plea to President Barack Obama to intervene in the case:

“Why am I still here? With the utmost respect, Mr. President, I fear that my government – the very government I was serving when I began this nightmare – has abandoned me.” [Gross worked for the U.S. A.I.D. organization.]

He implored Obama to push efforts for his release forward – not just for his sake, but to establish a national precedent.

“There are countless Americans all over the world, some serving in uniform, others serving in diplomatic or civilian capacities, still others private citizens studying or traveling abroad, and they must not harbor any doubt that if they are taken captive in a foreign land, our government would move heaven and earth to secure their freedom,” he stated.

“I refuse to accept that my country would leave me behind,” Gross concluded. “Mr. President, please take whatever steps are necessary to bring me home.”

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