“Make Iran deal contingent on finding Levinson,” says Family

bob l Missing-American-IranLawyer for missing CIA contractor’s relatives blasts Obama administration for inaction: ‘Mostly what we’ve gotten is lip service’

Undated photo of CIA contractor and retired-FBI agent Robert Levinson (photo credit: AP/Levinson Family)

By Matt Apuzzo – December 17, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration should make any diplomatic agreement with Iran contingent on Tehran’s help finding missing CIA contractor Robert Levinson, a lawyer for his family said Monday.

“He’s your guy and you put him there,” attorney David McGee said. “Raise the ante.”

Levinson disappeared in Iran in 2007. For years, the government falsely said Levinson was traveling on private business. But he was really a CIA contractor traveling on an unauthorized mission to collect intelligence.

Relations between the US and Iran have softened in recent months, and the two countries are inching toward a diplomatic deal over Tehran’s nuclear program. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have repeatedly asked for Iran’s help finding Levinson, but not as a condition for a larger nuclear deal.

“Mostly what we’ve gotten is lip service. We want them to make him the priority,” McGee said. “I’d like us to move to the top of the pile, and not the bottom of the pile where we’ve been.”

After Levinson vanished, the CIA falsely told the FBI and Congress that it had no relationship with Levinson and that he had not been working on Iranian issues.

“You owe this guy,” attorney said. “Get him back.”

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