Mid East Expert: Tehran used a weakened Obama to get better deal

December 6, 2013, By PATRICK MARTIN, Globe and Mail (Canada)

Lebanese author Fouad AjamiU.S. President Barack Obama has “come full circle” in his Middle East policies, argues Lebanese-born Fouad Ajami, an author, columnist and senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. After years of ambivalence by the White House, the “opening” to Iran Mr. Obama promised in his first days in office back in 2009, has now come to pass in the form of the recent deal he made with Tehran on its controversial nuclear program.

Sadly for the West, “this interim deal does not bode well” for any long-term or permanent agreement, said Mr. Ajami, who was in Toronto on Thursday to deliver a lecture sponsored by the Donner Foundation.

Author and columnist Fouad Ajami (photo above) says the interim deal ‘does not bode well’ for a permanent opening with Iran….

Mr. Ajami, who describes himself as “completely secular,” hails from a Shia family that moved to Lebanon from Iran in the middle of the 19th century. A former director of Middle East studies at Johns Hopkins University, the 68-year-old scholar has become increasingly critical of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy.

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Ed. note: If Mr. Ajami looks familiar to you, he appeared extensively on CNN with Anderson Cooper during the ‘Arab spring’ uprisings in Eygpt, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey and other countries.