AP report alleges Levinson on CIA mission as Private Contractor; Obama Admin. still denies

Screenshot 2013-12-13 11.53.10Screenshot 2013-12-13 12.05.57Following an extensive report that broke late yesterday by two AP writers, more questions were raised regarding the true nature of Bob Levinson’s work that took him to Iran in March 2007. This writer awaits further vetting and comments from the Government and others who may have information supporting the AP report.

(Frame grabs from WSVN TV CH 7 Miami)

Family’s Facebook entry December 13, 2013: “There have been some new media reports regarding Bob’s trip to Kish Island, Iran, where he was kidnapped in March 2007, that also question the U.S. Government’s efforts to find him.  Here is a statement from our family in response to those reports.

‘Bob is a courageous man who has dedicated himself, including risking his own life, in service to the U.S. government. But the U.S. government has failed to make saving this good man’s life the priority it should be. There are those in the U.S. government who have done their duty in their efforts to find Bob, but there are those who have not.  It is time for the U.S. government to step up and take care of one of its own.  After nearly 7 years, our family should not be struggling to get through each day without this wonderful, caring, man that we love so much.'”

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